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At SprayFever we believe that the business is only as good as the guys who put the hours in day after day, and we're pretty confident that our guys are the best around.


A great value services

At SprayFever we understand that your car is not just the thing you get in each morning and use to get to work. It is something much more than that and it should be treated with the care and respect that this entails.

We’re here because we get that and because there are not many worse things than getting involved in a crash that takes your car off the road. If you’ve had a smash you can rest assured that we’ll do out upmost to get you back out on the road in as little time as possible.

While we might be a little bit old school and passionate about our work that doesn’t mean we’ve got our neck buried in the sand when it comes to new technologies. We keep on top of all of the industry movements to make sure that our service is always the best around.

And we’re not just here for when you’ve had a smash. All of our team are highly skilled workers who love to get their hands on all types of jobs, whether they be simple spray ones, restoration works, or the complete pimpin’ out of your favorite ride.

Whatever it is, we’ll get it done!


We can deliver the best result

Cars are our bread and butter but we also love the opportunity to get our hands on motorcycles whenever we get the chance.

Whether you are after a makeover or your bike has been involved in an accident and needs some repair, we’re the guys to get it done for you.

All of our staff are fully trained in dealing with vehicles of all shapes and sizes and we promise to treat all two-wheelers with the same pride and dedication that we apply to those with four.

When you chose to bring your bike to SprayFever you know that you are taking it to the best around and that the job will be carried out to your satisfaction and completed on time.


A great value services

We love the vehicles that run on land but we’ve also got a soft spot for those that are more at home on water.

As with all of our other work we’re more than happy to deal with all jobs of all shapes and sizes. If you’ve had a bit of a smash we’ll make sure you’re back out on the water in double quick time. If you’re just after a spray job and a bit of general freshening up we’ll work our magic so that all eyes will be on you the next time you take her out for a ride.

Our commitment is to hard work and getting the job done as needed, but when you bring your boat or jet-ski to us you can rest assured that we are serious about our craft and that we always employ the latest technologies so that you are getting the best service possible.

Custom Paint

We can deliver the best result

At SprayFever Smash Repairers we’ve made our name in bringing our customers’ vehicles back to life. We’re proud of this work but we’re also equally passionate about working with those vehicles that have nothing wrong with them other than the need for a complete make over!

Our highly skilled staff are like artists when it comes to custom paint jobs and we’re pretty sure that the results will leave you amazed.

On jobs like these it is the technology used as well as the skill of the craftsman that makes the difference between a good job and a great job.For this reason we employ a custom built Spray Baking Oven that not only guarantees a quality finish, but does so while protecting the environment and meeting all Australian health and safety regulations.

We’re ready to work with those people who have a crystal clear vision of the way they would like their vehicle to look, and our guys are also always on hand to offer tips and advice to those who are a little less clear on the transformation that they want to take place on their vehicle.

Drop on by today and let’s have a chat about how we’re going to turn your dreary old banger into your new dream ride!